Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Five Four Club

I am so excited I found this clothing company for my husband! Five Four Clothing is a monthly clothing subscription for guys. You put in your style preferences and they customize a monthly box for you! My husband hates shopping for clothes, which usually means I do it for him, and not very often. Now he will slowly build up his wardrobe and we don't have to do anything {but check our mail}!!

Once you sign up as a monthly member you can purchase their clothing individually at a discounted price.

If you want to try it out use this referral code {RE192980} to get $15 off your first month, making it $45 instead of $60. Oh, and shipping is include!

Monday, April 14, 2014

House & Kitchen Update {in real time}

Hi!! I am dropping in with a quick update and lots of pictures!! I have had a few friends ask me lately how all of my house projects are coming along. We have been busy trying to finish up our school year (we homeschool for those of you that didn't know) but I have also been busy trying to make our house a home! We bought our house in August of 2013 and have had basically zero furniture in it since then.

I had previously painted almost all of the main floor walls, but decided after a few months that I wasn't feeling the colors. I originally went with darker shades because we have 16ft (17ft?! I don't know... basically reeeealllly tall!) ceilings in most of our house, and I had read that darker colors help ground the space and make it feel cozy. I do however battle/struggle with depression and realized that I need light and bright. The dark walls were making me depressed. So I repainted everything and have slowly been furnishing/decorating. I am still not done making over our kitchen, but I am ridiculously close! I just need another coat of polycrylic on a few cabinets (then I can add their hardware) and a little touch up paint on some of the walls!

But here are where things are at as of today and everything I have been working on since January.

For those that don't remember this is what our kitchen looked like to begin with...

I tore down the tile, added beadboard and refinished the cabinets.
Kyle just added two pendant lights above the island for me yesterday. He also replaced the previous light above the kitchen table with the matching pendant to these.

Kyle also replaced my kitchen faucet. The previous faucet was soooo hard to do dishes with! It was really low to the sink and wasn't easy to get dishes under without banging them around in the sink. The new one is really tall and has a pull out sprayer which I love!

Here is the kitchen light I mentioned earlier. I love their rustic feel and the Edison bulbs. I had originally had my eye on the Pottery Barn version of these lights, and then saw these {and their price tag} at Lowes. MUCH cheaper, still great quality.

 {for those curious my kitchen and breakfast nook are painted Muslin by Benjamin Moore.}
I am LOVING the bright, light, airy feel to the house. It is SOOO crucial to my well being and sanity (and to surviving winter)!

{my main walls are painted Riviera Sand by Behr.}
Kyle was out of town for a week with work so I surprised him and decorated his office. It previously only had his desk and chair. I painted the walls, put up some very heavy, textured curtains (this room faces east and gets super hot with the morning sun), added a sitting chair, small table, plant, and a few decor items. I was really aiming to give him a cozy, more masculine space. He really loves the room. And I really love him. :)

 {I painted the office Mocha Latte by Behr} This is it with full light. It looks much darker and more of a chocolaty brown color without the morning light. 
I purchased the Ikea Ektorp couches for our great room. I love that they are slip-covers! Super easy to wash and put on, and the covers are really inexpensive. I already have a second cover set for the chairs and will eventually buy a second set for the love seat and sofa. 

I am a rolled-arm-couch kinda gal! They are just classic and homey in my opinion. I am typically not a fan of Ikea furniture but these fit the budget and are actually pretty comfortable. 
I found this huge clock on sale at Lowes for under $40! It inspired a little face lift for the fireplace wall.

 I purchased the tall, glass vase from World Market, and then Kyle was at a Thrift Store in Aspen a few days later and found the exact same vase brand new (still had the price tag on it) for 1/2 the price! So I returned the one I had just bought. 
I have mentioned before that I knew I wanted a farmhouse table in our dining room. I had found plans online to build our own, but I was able to get such a smokin' deal on one from World Market. I figured I could gain 1,000,000 brownie points with my husband if he didn't have to build one for me! Plus this one ended up costing less than just the materials alone would have been to build our own. 

I am pretty stoked on how cheap I got my table...

Remember the antique table and buffet I had in there? I sold it on Craigslist for $200 more than I paid for it, so that went towards my new table. And it sold in less than a day which was an added bonus!

Then I saved coupons and discounts and coupled those with WM's dining sale they were having. The table was originally $599 and was on sale for $449. With my coupons I was able to get it out the door for $366!!

Even the cashier was like "wow! That is super cheap!"

So out of pocket I only paid $166! That makes a deal-loving-girl so so so so happy!

I still need to buy chairs for it. That will just take time as I pick up a couple here and there as the budget permits. As well as curtains and decor.

I can't wait to have big, holiday meals at it, or just random Friday night dinners with friends. :)

It is the Garner Extension table and is 8ft long with the leaf in it {for some odd reason that excites me}! I haven't decided if I will leave the leaf in all the time, but for now, as you can see below, I have it in.
 {the wall color is Stormy Sky by Benjamin Moore}
 I love the distressed, uneven boards. And the color is exactly what I had been wanting!
This is the view looking out of the dining room. 
The rug is what helped me narrow in on the color scheme for paint and gave me a decorating starting point. I was literally having anxiety attacks because I didn't know where to start with colors/decorating. I love so many different styles and couldn't decide what to go with. Plus our monster-tall ceilings and abundance of natural light were making things really difficult. Trust me! I was at Target and saw this rug on clearance. I really liked it and decided it would be what I pulled everything in from. It has chocolate brown, navy blue, beige, and a mustard-y color. 

Our powder room/guest bath was a hideous green with a big cabinet above the toilet. It also had the ugliest towel bar (yes full size towel bar???), brass and silver sink faucet and light fixture. For some reason the previous owners caulked around the ceiling and baseboards and it had yellowed. So I painted, took out the cabinet, put in a new towel holder, faucet, light, and toilet paper holder. I was going to put crown molding in to cover the yellow caulking but decided to just paint the ceiling instead. It looks so nice!! All we need to do now is put in new baseboards and door trim, the current ones have seen better days and also have 5 million coats of streaky paint.

I used paint I already had on hand. The light stripe is BM's Muslin as well as the other three walls and ceiling, and the darker stripe is BM's Shaker Beige. 
My camera lens struggles to capture such a small space! I should have used my phone. Oh well. At least you can get an idea?!
 I really wanted to put a new mirror in here, but my goodness! They are so over priced. I couldn't stomach spending that much money on one. 
This is the hall that leads down to the basement (left) and into the powder room (right). I took off the basement door (you can see the hinges still on) because it just got in the way. We never close it because our cat box is in the basement and it got in the way being open. Eventually we will change the woodwork and reframe the opening. 

I used left over paint from the office to paint the little pop out area. 

Well there you have it!! Things are really (finally) starting to come together! We have had friends over for dinner the past two weekends and I.Love.It! In fact our friends this past weekend stayed until almost  1am. We had such a good time hanging out and talking. 

I am so thankful for my house. 
For my husband. 
For my children. 
And for all of our friends who choose to spend their time with us! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Vintage Dresser Makeover

I picked up this dresser and mirror at an estate sale this past weekend.

It is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful lines, solid wood, and in relatively great condition.

It is currently in my dining room. A tad heavy to carry up the stairs by myself!

Did you notice the new wall color?! Yeah... I had to repaint our entire house!! Gah. I for realz hate paint and all things related!! I had to go from my cool color palette, back to the warm side. We decided against changing out all of our flooring for now, so I was forced to change the walls to something a little more complementary to the current flooring. I am waiting for my new dining table... so last night I just painted inside! 

Back to the dresser...

I spent about 5 hours yesterday working on it, from start to finish (including dry time in between coats).

I used my Cece Caldwell chalk paint in Vintage White. I painted two coats all over, and 3 on the dresser top. I sealed it with Cece's Endurance Finish. I gave the hardware a heavy coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

 Ooops! Looks like I forgot to clean the mirror!

This kinda makes me want to be a little girl again so I can have a bedroom complete with ruffles, pinks, purples, polka-dots, vintage white furniture and all things cute and girly! Good thing I have a little girl to keep that love of mine going. :) For some odd reason my husband won't allow any of that in our bedroom.

It will be a while before we finish her room. But when we do I will put up some pictures!

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's a Boy!!

I am really enjoying my time away from most things "internet." I have not logged into FB in two weeks and it feels so good! I have used that time is so many valuable ways. I do however think I may blog. I realized my blog is not a huge distraction to me... 

I thought I would introduce the newest addition to our family!!

He is a teeny-tiny, brown, fur ball of cuteness!

 He LOVES Ava! She has a special sense about her that animals just love. They gravitate towards her. Both times we have gone to see him, he cuddles up in her lap or arms and falls instantly to sleep.

He isn't quite ready to leave his momma yet, but we are all soooo excited for when he can come home. He is a lab/retriever mix. So far we think his name will be Rvca (pronounced Roo-kuh). That is my husband's favorite clothing company which is based near our hometown in San Diego.
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