Monday, March 24, 2014

It's a Boy!!

I am really enjoying my time away from most things "internet." I have not logged into FB in two weeks and it feels so good! I have used that time is so many valuable ways. I do however think I may blog. I realized my blog is not a huge distraction to me... 

I thought I would introduce the newest addition to our family!!

He is a teeny-tiny, brown, fur ball of cuteness!

 He LOVES Ava! She has a special sense about her that animals just love. They gravitate towards her. Both times we have gone to see him, he cuddles up in her lap or arms and falls instantly to sleep.

He isn't quite ready to leave his momma yet, but we are all soooo excited for when he can come home. He is a lab/retriever mix. So far we think his name will be Rvca (pronounced Roo-kuh). That is my husband's favorite clothing company which is based near our hometown in San Diego.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute puppy!! And I'm so glad to still see you on here. I MISS your blog posts! Don't stop blogging! :) love you!


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